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For 33 years Zale Embroidery has offered quality products and added value to its customers with the purpose of maintaining a regime of continuous improvement and satisfaction, enriching its services and products more and more every day. Zale Embroidery has achieved through quality and service to be a leading company in its field.


Bordados Zale, is an organization with a structure without barriers, committed to providing textile and embroidery products in the national and international market, with a high response capacity, at the lowest price and with the highest quality standards.


Zale Embroidery, is an organization made up of committed and self-directed work teams within a flexible work environment that promotes innovation and creativity, working with high standards of performance, ethics, leadership and communication.


Products with an optimal appearance matching the client’s specifications plus an unrestricted adherence to their needs, with a permanent commitment to satisfaction and improvement in an environment of growth and development.


About Us
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